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Utility Tool that Wipes Data from Hard Drive memory

What is a Hard Disk Wiper?

Does hard Disk Wiper able to erase all the data from the hard drive?

What are the salient features of the Hard Disk Wiper?

What are the minimum requirements for the Hard Disk Wiper?

Computers are definitely the greatest gift of technology to us. It is a very useful gadget to store tons and tons of our day to day information. The information is stored in the hard disk of the computer. Sometimes when we try to sell our computer to buy a new one or when we are giving to someone to use it, the first thing that we do is to delete all the data from the hard drive to avoid unauthorized use by anyone.

But do you think that you are secured by deleting all the data from the hard drive. The answer to this question is a big No! Contrary to popular perception, the deleted data are very much there on your hard drive and can easily be extracted by some professional computer assistance. The serious question that arises now is how do you wipe memory from a Mac. The remedy to this problem is Hard Disk Wiper software.

Earlier it was not possible to erase all the deleted data from the hard drive. But with rapid stride in science and technology, it is now a very easy task to perform this impossible task. Hard Disk Wiper is an advanced utility tool that completely erases or wipes out all the information from the hard drive. Actually the software overwrites on the deleted hard drive and hence no one is able to get access to its contents. Thus, with the help of this utility tool, it would help in mitigating the crimes like information theft as well as compromising on the private and confidential data.

The Hard Disk Wiper is in fact the ultimate solution of how do you wipe memory from a Mac. There are many advantages using this software which is summarized under the following headings:

  • it is approved by the Department of Defense in USA
  • it does the wiping of all the information at a very fast speed
  • it can wipe up to 12 hard drives at one single time
  • it can also wipe out data from memory cards, iPods and other external devices apart from hard drive

The minimum requirements before you can perform wipe out operation on your hard drive using Hard Disk Wiper are:

  • latest versions of Mac operating system
  • computer with Linux or Unix
  • CD ROM, 64 MB RAM
  • hard drive size of IDE, SATA, SCSI etc

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