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Simple steps to wipe Mac OS with Disk Utility

Mac is the most popular Os all around the globe. It is used by both individual as well as professional users. People store there lots of important documents such as Bank account details, ATM pin codes, PAN number and others. However sometimes peoples need to wipe entire hard drive before selling or donating it. For this purpose Apple provides an inbuilt tool with Mac OS X know as Disk Utility. In order to wipe Mac OS Disk utility is one of the best option.

Disk Utility is a multipurpose and easy to use tool for working with hard drives and drive images. With the help of this utility you can perform plenty of tasks such as format, repair, partition hard drives as well as create RAID arrays. It works with disks and volumes. Here the term refers to disk and volume refers to formatted section of a hard disks. You can wipe Mac Os X with Disk utility without affecting the rest of the disk.

The user can perform this task easily by following the given steps:

  • First of all launch disk utility option and when the application opens. Select the drive you want to erase in the pane on the left side of the disk utility window.
  • After that click the erase tab and click the security options button below.
  • In the sheet you will get the four options-don't erase data, zero out data, 7-pass erase and 35-pass erase. Select the option which you want to apply.
  • If you are willing to erase entire hard drive then extract the drive from your Mac.

These steps will erase all your data. But the real problem with this utility is that many a time, it fails to perform the task. It also not allows you to erase files from a selected mac hard drive volumes. So, in such situation instead of wipe Mac OS with Disk utility, it is better to use third party Wipe Mac tool. It is an effective utility to perform this task securely and in very short span of time.

The tool is designed with highly advance algorithms which makes the task easier for users. It completely wipe mac hard drive data, which cannon be recovered with any data recovery tool.

How Wipe Mac Works

Use WIPE Button to wipe the Selected files

Browse for your files & WIPE them

USE Wipe FOLDER bitton to Wipe Folders

Browse for your files & WIPE the selected Folders

Wipe Free Space

Select the Volume to Wipe the Free Space

Wipe Internet Activity

Select the Browser to Wipe the Internet Activity

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