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Know how to wipe iTunes library?

Are you tired dealing with iTunes duplicates and a disorganized music library? Have you spent hours on end trying to remove duplicate files manually? Do you want to know how to wipe iTunes library completely?

iTunes is an application offered by Apple to effectively manage your iPhone data. People stores there lots of important data such as contacts, text messages, videos, audios and others with iTunes. However sometimes due to massive iTunes library it creates the duplicate files of your important songs, videos, etc. In such cases the first question arises in the users mind how to wipe iTunes library?

The above problem can be easily resolved if you have a few duplicate songs in your library with the use of manual method directly through iTunes. With the below given steps you will be able to delete duplicates files from iTunes library.

  • Step 1: First, select the music tab in iTunes
  • Step 2: Go to file menu and click display duplicates
  • Step 3: select the duplicate files you want to delete
  • Step 4: press delete
  • Step 5: Message will appear in your display screen asking are your sure or not
  • Step 6: Don't try to pull your hair out in this stage, it will take a long time

With this simple manual steps you will be able to erase iTunes library. But in case, if you have a massive iTunes library this steps fails to fix the problem and also occurs data loss problems. So, in order to get rid out of this problem, it is better to wipe entire iTunes library. You can easily perform this task with third party wipe Mac utility. It easily wipes entire iTunes library in no time. This way you will be able to completely delete ITunes library and know how to wipe iTunes library.

But before using the tool, it is necessary to create the backup of your important music files to the external drive of hard disk. With the tool you can also wipe recent file histories from applications such as iPhoto, Quick Time, Preview, VLC, Mplayer and others.

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