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Erase iPhoto library with an efficient utility

iPhoto is a digital photograph manipulation application developed by Apple. It is designed to allow importing pictures from several devices such as digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs and from the Internet. This application supports almost all the common image file format. People store there lots of memorable and precious pictures in there iPhoto library. However sometimes people need to erase iPhoto library before selling or donating there computer.

Most of the user try to delete pictures manually one by one. But this process consumes lots of time and the deleted by also remains and the pictures are also not deleted permanently. When you delete the photos from iPhoto library It is only delete physically, logically it remains in the hidden location of hard drive which can be easily recovered with the help of any data recovery software. This photos can be misused and can create big issues for you further.

The same situation occurs when you formats the iPhoto library. So, in order to get rid out of this problem and erase iPhoto library you can use third party wipe mac utility. With the help of this tool you can perform this task in very short span of time and securely. The tool is designed with follows high end scanning methods to randomly overwrite the files with binary digits. If you don't have any technical knowledge then also you don''t have to worry, you can easily perform this task effortlessly.

Some of the prominent features of the tool are:

  • It wipes internet browsing data stored by the web browsers such as temporary internet files, cookies, page history and form values.
  • It also wipes system traces such as access logs, install logs and console logs.
  • With it you can erase unused space to increase the efficiency of hardware.
  • It wipes individual files or entire folders.
  • It wipes individual files or entire folders.

The tool is ,one of the best and most effective one to erase iPhoto library completely with hassle free procedure.

How Wipe Mac Works

Use WIPE Button to wipe the Selected files

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USE Wipe FOLDER bitton to Wipe Folders

Browse for your files & WIPE the selected Folders

Wipe Free Space

Select the Volume to Wipe the Free Space

Wipe Internet Activity

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