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Effective way to erase Google Chrome history

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers used by both individual as well as professional users all around the globe. It is based on web kit layout engine and uses application framework. Peoples using Google Chrome visit lots of site each and every day. The site visited by users get stored in the history of the web browser which helps them to search the users to deliver fast browser experience. However, if you not erase Google Chrome history it will make your browser performance slow. In such cases you will not be able to work faster with your browser.

The browsing history of the browser takes up spaces as pages are cached, cookies are also created and other information I stored. If you want to speed up browsers performance, it is important to erase Google Chrome history like browsing, cookies and others. By erasing the history of web browser you will be able to remove the information such as web addresses you have visited, cached text of pages, snapshots of your most frequently visited pages and IP addresses pre-fetched from pages you have visited. You can perform this task easily with the certain given steps.
  • First of all click the wrench icon on the Google Chrome toolbar and select tools.
  • After that select clear browsing history.
  • In the dialog that appears, select the “clear browsing history checkbox”
  • Next, use the menu at top to select the data you want to erase.
  • Select beginning of time clear enrtire browsing history
  • And at last, click clear browsing history.

This is the most effective way to erase Google Chrome history. But, this way you will be only delete the data physically from the browser. It is not the permanent deletion because when you delete data, it gets stored in the hidden location of the hard drive and can be easily accessed with any data recovery tool. So, in order to completely wipe Google Chrome history third party wipe mac tool is the only solution. It is an effective tool to wipe history of web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer including Google Chrome.

With the tool you can completely wipe Temp files, page history, form values, recent instant messages from Yahoo messanger, OmniWeb, Icab, Navigator and others. It also deletes system traces such as access logs, install logs. The software follows highly sophisticated wiping algorithm to erase data permanently from system.

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