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Wipe Disk to Make Your Hard Drive Clean

Can you delete the hard drive data permanently?

What is a Hard Disk Wiper?

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Will all the data deleted permanently using Hard Disk Wiper?

So, you have purchased a brand new laptop and tossed the old one aside. Many people try to sell their old laptop or give to somebody as charity. Usually we copy all our important data to our new hard drive and then delete the contents from the old hard drive and then sell it. But do you think you were successful in deleting all the contents from the hard drive.

If you think you were successful in doing so, then you are completely mistaken. By deleting the data from the hard drive or formatting your hard drive only, the operating system only does not delete the files or data permanently but it just deletes the reference file. The original files are very much there in the hard drive and the data can be recovered by going through the magnetic fields from the platter surface of the hard drive. SO, once the data is recovered, you can fall the victim of information theft crimes. All your confidential information from the hard drive can be recovered and you would never realize that.

So, how do you wipe out your laptop and start fresh? The answer to this question is Hard Disk Wiper. It is a very good security utility tool which wipes out all the contents from your hard drive by overwriting on it. Thus no one will be able to retrieve the data once the utility tool wipes out the hard drive data.

The Hard Drive Wiper works with all the latest versions of Mac operating system. The utility tool can be used with all kinds of hard drive like Western Digital, Maxtor, and Samsung. It can also work with the external hard drives, ipods as well as memory cards. The utility tool wipes the data at a very fast pace and you don’t have to wait for long hours.

The Hard Drive Wiper is the complete solution regarding how do you wipe out your laptop and start fresh. So, if you want to secure yourself from the information theft and don’t want your information to be shared by one else, then Hard Disk Wiper is the all in one remedy to this problem.

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