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Get Go to earase files from Mac!

Why to choose wipe free space?

Is it true that wiping comes with advanced algoritms?

Is there any guaranty to wipe all temporary data?

Discuss the reasons about wipe free space?

Are there any security options for wipe free space?

You don't leave your clandestines on your previous hard disk. Don't overlook to erase your Internet history and cache, emails, financial data, contact data, traffic Secrets or just private files you want to get rid of. The wipe free space covers your track by secured deleted files.

Have you always wanted to remove files and responsive documents securely further than being recovered by rotten the ledge undelete or forensic tools? If so, a wipe free space is the key. When files are erased and bared from the recycle bin they are not really detached from the hard disk. The files can simply be recovered by data recovery tools.

To get the hard drive completely clean that the data do not retrieved again there are various softwares presents which is made up of advance algorithms that reads the binary system inside the hard drive and completely removed the files. It is very necessary to wipe free space completely before going to sell your computer system.

As deletion is not safe sufficient, anyone can get well roughly any folder you still erased. When wiping file you cannot guaranty you have clean all temporary data or earlier erased files. To make sure your files are get deleted completely you should wipe free space of your Mac hard disk frequently.

To wipe free space, you should go for using this process by two reasons. When you have deleted files before started using the wiping process by software and the procedure is called to wipe previous deleted files. There is another reason also that is to wipe temporary files such as some programs like MS office that create temporary files that contain your responsive information. The program deletes these files and you cannot point out to delete it. In such condition you may use the wipe free space.

How Wipe Mac Works

Use WIPE Button to wipe the Selected files

Browse for your files & WIPE them

USE Wipe FOLDER bitton to Wipe Folders

Browse for your files & WIPE the selected Folders

Wipe Free Space

Select the Volume to Wipe the Free Space

Wipe Internet Activity

Select the Browser to Wipe the Internet Activity



As long as earased file data is extremely important feature of your individual and business hazards, you should remain in memory, that softwares you are using daily may not be secluded well and be unsafe for you. There are several ways to stay secure for wipe free space. For instance, MS Internet Explorer is a recognized as a not actually secure browser.

  • Maintain Microsoft Internet Explorer updated including all security scraps
  • Use the strong wiper tool to obvious your traces that are recorded by Internet Explorer 
  • Consider moving to some more secure browser, such as FireFox. | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Contact Us