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Need of Wiping Out hard Drive Data

Do you think hard drive data is permanently deleted?

What is a Disk Wipe utility tool?

What are the salient features of Disk Wipe utility tool?

Is the data permanently deleted from the hard drive memory?

Every now and then you would read stories about computers are being sold out containing vital confidential information about one’s company or some personal information like bank account number, credit card number etc.

The important data should not only be protected wisely but if required, it should be completely destroyed so that no one is able to get access to those data. So, what people do is that they reformat their hard drive or delete the data completely. Do you think that by deleting the data or reformatting it would prevent others from getting access to your confidential data; then you are completely mistaken. In this cutting age technology anything is possible. People with professional computer knowledge can easily extract all the required data from the formatted hard disk.

So, it is now really very difficult to delete all the contents from the Mac hard drive. The question arises now is that how do you wipe your Mac? The answer to this question is Wipe Out utility tool. The Wipe Out tool is a kind of software that is able to erase all the data from your Mac hard drive completely so that no one is able to extract out any information from your hard drive. So, using this utility tool you would not have to think about data theft from your hard drive when you are selling your computer or sending it for the repair work.

The Disk Wipe utility tool would solve all your problems regarding how do you wipe your Mac. The tool comes with latest wiping programming that efficiently wipes out and destroys all the data from your hard drive and makes it absolutely impossible for anyone to get access to the information contained in the hard drive.

The salient features of the Disk Wipe utility tool is summarized under the following headings:

  • can wipe out MFT and Root system records that are deleted
  • wipes out NTFS, FAT32 and FAT 16 volumes
  • scan and displays the files and folders that are deleted
  • it can work on all kinds of hard drive like Samsung, Western Digital, Maxtor etc

So, if you don’t want your confidential data that you have deleted from the hard drive extracted by anyone else, use Disk Wipe utility tool to completely get rid of this problem.

How Wipe Mac Works

Use WIPE Button to wipe the Selected files

Browse for your files & WIPE them

USE Wipe FOLDER bitton to Wipe Folders

Browse for your files & WIPE the selected Folders

Wipe Free Space

Select the Volume to Wipe the Free Space

Wipe Internet Activity

Select the Browser to Wipe the Internet Activity

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