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Importance of Wipe Hard Drive Application

Are you selling your computer without erasing the hard drive?

What is Hard Drive Wiper?

Can Hard Drive Wiper delete all the data permanently from the hard drive?

How to erase the data permanently using Hard Drive Wiper?

It happens with most of us. We buy a brand new Mac computer and our old computer is left in the corner to withstand the dust and the heat. We no longer think of using the old computer any longer. So, we decide to sell our old computer in order to fetch few bucks. But before you sell your computer, the most important thing that is to be noted is how to clean Mac computer for selling.

By cleaning the computer, it does not mean that you would require a scrubber and any liquid material to clean the surface of the computer. By cleaning it means how to wipe out the memory of the hard drive of your Mac computer before you are going to sell it. There are a lot of crimes regarding information theft from the computer going on these days. So, it is very important to delete all the information from the hard drive. But many a times even after deleting all the data from the hard drive or formatting the hard drive, people are able to get access to the contents of the hard drive.

Hard Drive Wiper is a sophisticated utility tool that is going to solve your problem regarding how to clean Mac computer for selling. This tool is a gift of the modern science and technology; which wipes out the entire data from the hard drive so that no one is able to access the deleted data from the hard drive. The Hard Drive Wiper overwrites on the deleted data of the hard drive using certain program.

We sell our old computer for charity and later on we can become victim of the identity theft. These days, every one person out of 10 is the victim of the information theft. People sell their computer without verifying about whether their personal information is deleted or not. With the help of Hard Drive Wiper, you are secured against these crimes.

Following is the steps enumerated below through which you can wipe out data from your hard drive in order to clean the Mac computer for selling:

  • install the utility tool on your Mac computer
  • after that you can see the drives listed on the computer screen
  • select the drive which you want to erase the data from
  • select the drive which you want to erase the data from
  • after performing these operations, click on the ‘Wiping’ option

The software would then automatically erase all the contents from the hard drive and you no longer have the insecurity whether the data is deleted permanently from the hard drive or not. So, if there is a question arising in your mind how to clean the Mac computer for selling, the solution to this is Hard Drive Wiper. Not only is your data from the hard drive permanently deleted but you are also protected from the crimes of information theft.

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