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Perfect Tool for Permanently Deletion of Data!

Want to Delete Mac files without leaving any traces?

What Mac wiping utility do?

What technology is used for Wipe MAC?

Is it possible to permanently wipe MAC harddrive?

Does Wipe MAC work with any memory storage device?

Wipe Mac is free to try, portable macintosh application which has permanent data destruction utility. With this Wipe Mac you can delete all hard disk data and prevent recovery of those data which presents in the macintosh hard disk drive. When a hard drive gets formatted with a regular method it leaves an open possibility to recover the data back.

Various companies and users who just discarded their old hard drives in refuse are found this the hard way. Wipe Mac solves this problem efficiently by using powerful algorithms. It fills the useless binary data multiple times. The recovery possibility information from disk formatted, Wipe MAC harddrive is almost non existent.

The disk drive is a device that stores data. Those data are found in digital way. The data are generally stored in surface of magnetaic platters that rotates at a very high speed and the magnetic property on a surface of a disk platter can be read and change either by 0 or 1. This is a binary format by which the data are read. It forms a row when the data are writing on disk drive with a file format like text file, zip file, movies file, and whatever that is your data.

When your data get deleted thae format of that data in ones or zeros are not deleted. Only a pointer to that data is displayed that your data is being removed. By this process it is very easy to recover such deleted data. Many times it has proved that permanent removing method of data is only the real.This is so called wipe MAC harddrive technology.

In order to permanently wipe MAC data from a hard disk drive, all binary data down to a basic 1’s and 0's must be overwritten with a new-fangled data. So, opposing to what the name or method implies for wiping the disk doesn't in fact wipe, or delete the hard disk data; it really replaces the obtainable data with an innovative data.

The simplest form of the novel data written could be all zeros, but additional advanced algorithms employ a grouping of filling up a hard disk with haphazard information advantage numerous passes to make sure impossibility of recovery from a wiped hard disk. It is really true that one can permanently wipe MAC harddrive from all binary data.

How Wipe Mac Works

Use WIPE Button to wipe the Selected files

Browse for your files & WIPE them

USE Wipe FOLDER bitton to Wipe Folders

Browse for your files & WIPE the selected Folders

Wipe Free Space

Select the Volume to Wipe the Free Space

Wipe Internet Activity

Select the Browser to Wipe the Internet Activity



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